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Nchantme Sweet

We saw you at the Florida Strawberry Festival. I was instantly drawn to a small Glasswing. The butterfly was the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thanks for being in Florida!

Michael Moyer

My wife, Elizabeth, and I stumbled upon this booth at last year’s San Diego County Fair (or the Del Mar Fair as us locals know it) and were instantly entranced. We spent the better part of an hour making the perfect selection. The service was friendly and informative. I am definitely a repeat customer.

Robert Larson, More than satisfied customer

“I wanted to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was to meet you today at the Texas Fair and how happy we are to have found your booth…”

Tara in Texas, loves Butterflies

I happened upon your booth during a “killing time” moment at the Texas State Fair. The large blue iridescent butterflies immediately caught my eye and stole my breath…”