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Are the butterflies real?

Yes they’re real! Our butterflies and moths all come from Peru, home of 20% of the world’s population. They are farm-raised there in a conservation effort, which helps butterflies in the wild (We NEVER sell endangered butterflies or moths). They are farm-raised to give the local Peruvians an opportunity to make a living on butterfly farms instead of going out into the jungles and destroying the habitat to “steal” butterflies out of nature.

How do I know the butterflies and moths are not endangered?

We are required to have proper documentation from entomologists in Peru, which state the genus, species, and common name of each and every butterfly we bring into the United States. If even one endangered butterfly got into our shipment, the US Fish and Wildlife Department would seize the entire shipment. We go through exhausting measures to ensure that every single butterfly we import is legal.

How do I care for my butterfly art?

Our displays are easy to clean. Just dust the wooden frames as you would any other frames. If the glass needs cleaning, simply use glass cleaner. We suggest using a microfiber cloth moistened with the glass cleaner, rather than spraying it directly onto the glass.