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REAL framed butterflies and moths… yes they’re real! Our butterflies and moths all come from Peru, home of 20% of the world’s population. They are farm-raised there in a conservation effort, which helps butterflies in the wild (We NEVER sell endangered butterflies or moths). They are farm-raised to give the local Peruvians an opportunity to make a living on butterfly farms instead of going out into the jungles and destroying the habitat to “steal” butterflies out of nature. In some areas, there are little other resources to make a decent living, so farm-raising not only helps butterflies, it also helps the local Peruvian economy. The butterfly farm is  a giant, netted in area about the size of a football field. Our butterflies and moths go through all their life cycles on the farm and are never exposed to the natural predators that are found out in the wild (birds especially). They are able to live out their entire lives naturally. We want them to live out their entire lives so that they may reproduce. Butterflies live only a week or two and mate immediately after emerging from their chrysalis. The female lays eggs as quickly as possible on the plant preferred by the species – if those plants are kept available! After they die, the are dissected and preserved, then mounted in beautiful handmade wooden frames. Our butterfly art is expertly preserved for years and years of enjoyment. We pride ourselves on the quality of our butterfly art. We use only the best quality and the difference shows. Bring some nature inside your house today!

“…collecting or buying tropical butterflies seems nothing less than a way to speed up their extinction. Right? Wrong! Those who equate killing butterflies with destroying butterflies don’t know much about butterflies in the tropics, or what strategies have gotten people in developing countries to save their forests. The fact is, buying tropical insects for your collection may be the best investment you ever made in tropical forest protection.”

-Larry J. Orsak Ph.D. (World Wildlife Fund adviser)